Creating custom playlists that merge music, menu and mood.


What We've Done



When RK Group were preparing to launch a new social hub in Surrey, BC they reached out to us to develop the music program. With a menu that they describe as a "mash-up", we created a unique musical brand to complement their culinary and design vision. Each song was hand-selected and individually edited to maximize flow, normalize volume and elevate the already outstanding atmosphere.

And since their menu is a "mash-up" of culinary styles, we made sure the music program was well stocked with mash-ups, remixes and genre-bending songs.

2014-07-06 19.05.01.jpg
2015-04-26 10.34.47-2.jpg


Programming the music for a chain of 50+ restaurants spread across 5 provinces is a challenge. The goal was to always keep the soundtrack unique yet accessible, and with a playlist of upwards of 1500 songs (from almost every possible musical genre) the Browns music program had more variety than most radio stations.

And with weekly music updates, special occasion playlists and songs you wouldn't hear at other casual fine dining restaurants, the soundtrack always remained as fresh as the ahi tuna salad.

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With over 40 playlists under our belts, we've made Songza & Google Play playlists for almost any mood, brand or activity. The key for these digital streams is keeping the playlists super tight and making sure every song fits the requisite mood. Programming these types of "mood-oriented" playlists is extremely similar to developing the music program for restaurants and we consider it unbelievable "practice".